Tips for Sellers to Prepare their homes for Buyers! | Anna Lu Hemphill


How to Get Your house Prepared for Buyers to be WOWed!!

Here are some suggestions on how to make a great  first impression .

Now that you have made the decision to sell your home, you will want to look at it differently. It’s now a house for sale and looking at it through the “buyers’ eyes” can help you package it to sell for the best price in the least amount of time.

Dressing your house for success does not need to be expensive or overly time consuming. You can borrow or rent the “extras” like decorative house plants or lawn furniture to make your house really memorable. And, if you do not have enough time to do cleaning or repair work, consider hiring a professional. It could save you time and money later.

1st TIP  —  CALL ANNA LU HEMPHILL, your real estate professional, to receive your checklist for each room and to establish your plan. She knows best what is important to buyers in your market and you will want to concentrate on those things that really make the difference toward a successful sale.

 The first impression is lasting!

When you begin preparing your house for market, start outside and work your way in, keeping in mind that  first impressions are lasting!!

    *It is estimated that more than half of all houses are sold before the buyers even get out of their cars! Stand across the street from  your house and review its’ curb appeal. What can you do to improve that very first impression?

    *The checklist follows six important steps to packaging your house. Even if you can not get to every detail, the checklist will help you keep in mind the basic steps. Remember, you need to think like a buyer now and have a critical eye!

    *Every room looks larger and feels neater if a house is uncluttered. Buyers have trouble imagining      themselves in a cluttered house. By removing or storing things you do not need, you create a roomy,  comfortable feeling that will be inviting to prospective buyers. Remember, when in doubt, sell it or give it away!

    *If your house is clean it is easy for buyers to explore and gives the impression that it has been well cared for. Be sure every room smells as good as it looks, paying special attention to pet areas, nurseries and bathrooms. Some fresh paint and a one-time professional cleaning service can make your house look like new!

    *Eliminate buyers’ objections before they arise by repairing. If you think something is too much trouble to fix, chances are buyers will too. Buyers tend to think repairs will cost more than they do.

    *Buyers see their own things in your house and picture themselves living there if you remove personal items. Neutral paint, décor and  carpeting create a home for any lifestyle. Eliminating distracting colors and accessories lets buyers concentrate on positive impressions.

    *Since your home is competing with many other houses on the market, you need to make it stand out and be memorable. Look in magazines and catalogs for ideas. From the front door to the basement, from fresh flowers to fresh smells, this is the finishing touch!

    *Before each time your house is shown identify jobs and assign them to make this step quick and easy. If you keep up daily, showing will be easier for you and your family.

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